Rapha Bet-El  

Healing Through New Vision

 Origin & Mission

Rapha Bet-El  was established in June 1999 as an Article 21 (Non-Profit) organization to help people. Many people in service professions like doctors, teachers, nurses, policemen, pastors, missionaries, religious  workers and others who have been exposed to long periods of stress and pressure, are now suffering from the destructive results of physical, emotional and spiritual burnout.  


We focus on strategies through which individuals can recover from stress and burn-out, and renew their vision and goals in life. We also help people to get perspective and balance in their lives, discover their creative purpose and continue life with new joy and energy. We further focus on helping people to realize their life goals and maximizing their potential as individuals. People who have problems with struggling marriages, financial difficulties, depression, low self-esteem and emotional challenges will benefit by the products, programs and services we offer. 


In today's fast-paced, stress-filled and hectic way of life, with constant  changes in technology, huge increase of knowledge  in just about every sphere of life and career-field out there, people are under tremendous pressure to keep up, to perform and to "be successful".  People also fulfill multiple simultaneous roles in their careers, as parents, as marriage partners and in their community. In an effort to keep up, people burn the candle at both ends, but then have to pay a price in their physical and emotional well-being. Business people, professionals, pastors, missionaries, homemakers, and other high achievers all run the risk of burning out.
When that happens, people are alone, depressed, confused, drained of energy, without objectivity and they often become very negative with a low self-esteem, unwilling to take risks and generally unable to cope with the normal stress of  modern day life.  What can they do ? Where can they go ?
At Rapha Bet-EL, people will learn which factors and forces contributed towards their burnout. They will begin to understand the unique symptoms they are experiencing and what to do with them. They will be encouraged to take responsibility for their condition and engage in a personal recovery process which will rebuild their life, their vision and their passion. They will start the upward spiral of hope that will lead them to a balanced life.

Services & Methodology

We aim to offer help to those who are recovering from burnout and emotional stress through providing the following:
  • Professional and informal counseling & guidance

  • Motivational & Inspirational materials

  • Personal emotional support

  • Group interaction & Courses   (See Rapha Training products & services)

Focus Areas

  • Burnout

  • Marriage

  • Finances

  • Motivation

  • Self-Image

  • Life-Purpose


We invite individuals and businesses to support us with practical involvement and financial contributions, to enable us to continue building a strong non-profit organization which are seeking to provide various therapeutic environments, in beautiful natural surroundings, where people can rest, be encouraged, refresh their vision, discover their creative purpose, renew their passion and become motivated to face  new challenges  in life again. 

Contact  Details

Rev. Hannes Nolan  or Marelize Nolan
Tel:           +27 (012) 345-4755
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Postal Address:    Rapha Bet-EL

                                   P. O. Box 1501

                                   Wingate Park

                                   Pretoria, 0153.

                                   South Africa.


Banking  Details:

Donations/Cheques to:
               Rapha Bet-EL  (99/06947/08)
               ABSA - Centurion, Branch Number - 630 445
               Account Number:   404-944-9154

               SWIFT  NUMBER:  ABSAZAJJ    (Needed for International Transfers)

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